Quiz On Novel Corona Virus 30 Questions
Current affairs questions on novel corona virus and their explanations
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Smart Tiger judge
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Unfortunately, this test will not be able to receive a prize:

1.Explanations contain promotional links: #q7, #q6, #q27, #q8
Ace Croc author
Thank you sir,please consider the quiz sir ,I had put lot of efforts to create it
Ace Croc author
My Quiz was disqualified for advertising, but the links in the explanations are there to give more information about or explain the reason for the correct answer.so please consider the quiz for prize.i have taken more efforts to prepare this quiz.i had given only 4 promotional links to see the correct answer and information to the users as well as to take participate in many other Quizzes which were created by me.
Tall Panda judge
Ace Croc This Quiz was fully re-assessed by an independent Judge.

The original verdict was confirmed to be correct.

P.S.: It is OK to use links to your channel posts for more detailed explanations. In this quiz explanations looks like promotional links (links lead to the telegram channel, not to the certain posts).
Fancy Monkey
Nearly 1000 partecipants, 0 comments, 1 min as average time, nearly exponential distribution of the results: it seems like most of the partecipants are fake.

Concerning the quiz, some answers and explanations are cut or unclear. From question 13 the quiz topic becomes Indian politics related to COVID-19 pandemic.
Ace Croc author
Yes, it's not Indian politics,it's important questions that are going to be asked in the upcoming all competitive exams on the subject of Novel Corona Virus 😷
Mad Bull
Good quiz, just a few typographical errors. Such as Launche
Ace Croc author
Thank you for your compliments
L. Ostinspace
I thought this was a test about medical knowledge, was there any mention that this is specific to India’s handling of the Covid pandemic? I’m obviously not from there, so I felt a bit misled
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