🌎 World Capitals 🌍 Capitales del mundo.🌏
Capitals of the world is an educational questionnaire, formulated in the English and Spanish languages for greater uptake. That allows you to learn the capitals of the different countries. / Capitales del mundo es un cuestionario educativo, formulado en los idiomas ingles y español para mayor captacion. Que permite aprender las capitales de los distintos paises.
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Missing explanations. All explanations simply repeat the correct answer.
Wise Llama
Since questions are both in English and Spanish, it would be a good idea to write answers in both languages too.
Desert Snail
I think this quiz should have been splitted. A separate one for English and one for Spanish.
The answer options are mostly not in English.
For example the capital of China is popularly known as Beijing in English.

Also there is a mistake in this explanation for Canada.
"The capital is the city of Canada ./ La capital es la ciudad de Canada."
Lucky Otter
Hay varios errores de ortografia en el quiz!!...por ejemplo en la capital de Australia das como opción Camberra, correctamente sería Canberra, con N....
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