Biology is in your DNA🧬
In this series of questions we want you to learn more about your Body systems,Plants,Cells,Biochemistry,Evolution,Ecology and... Hope you enjoy it
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Fluffy Ladybird author
Very good😂😍
I am yes
Fluffy Ladybird author
Brave Deer
pretty good
Fluffy Ladybird author
Glad you liked it😊
Brave Deer
Fluffy Ladybird yup , I came from the comment u did on my quiz biology medical
Fluffy Ladybird author
Brave Deer Your quiz is really better than mine😊
Brave Deer
Fluffy Ladybird Your quiz is also great , it was fun to experience that you were interacting with others via quiz
Quiet Snail
Very easy quiz. Nice to do them. A few spelling mistakes. In some areas, more explanation is needed. But one thing, while settings, you must choose no shuffle for questions and options, so that we can enjoy the quiz.
Hope you understand.
Thank you
Fluffy Ladybird author
Thank you very much for taking my quiz.
I used campbell bilogy to write my questions,I didnt want to make it hard.
That shuffle has ruined everything😧
Hip Cat
This quiz appears to have images that are subject to Copyright... The author should prove that he was given the authority to use these images... Some examples include:
Fluffy Ladybird author
You know these pictures are everywhere.In my biology books,On the internet,and...
I cant draw these pictures you know😐
But if you think my questions are copyright tell me.
Hip Cat
Fluffy Ladybird I never said your questions were 'copyright' but your images are.
We were warned repeatedly not to use copyright images or materials in our quizzes... Websites like 'shuttershock' and 'pixabay' which provide free licensed images were suggested to us for obtaining images... You can't use copyright images from the internet without proper permission or license from the owner/source
Fluffy Ladybird author
Hip Cat Maybe you are right.
But anyway.Thank you for taking my quiz
I loved your quiz.
It is not really hard but it is complete with amusing pictures
I think you didnt have to use shuffle.
Fluffy Ladybird author
Thank you very much for taking my quiz
I am studing science,I could make harder but i wanted everyone to answer it.
I didnt want to shuffle it,but...😧
Winning in this compettition is not that much important for me,I just wanted you to learn something new👍
Fluffy Ladybird Can I ask what books did you use?
Fluffy Ladybird author
📚 Of course.
Campbell biology,The cell,Guyton hall,Krebs,Dawkins(genetic
and biology of plants(Raven)
Fluffy Ladybird author
Fluffy Ladybird author
Hi again.
Thank you because of accepting my quiz
I am trying so hard to improve my quiz.
I am adding more questions,files,videos and informations.
Also i am removing some bad questions.
Hope to win this time💪💪💪
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