Verbal Reasoning - Syllogism
This syllogism test is meant to determine the logical and reasoning abilities of the candidate. A syllogism is a type of logical argument composed of three parts, being 2 premises (a major premise and a minor premise), and a conclusion inferred from the provided premises. Remember to always only focus on the information provided in the premises and conclusions; don’t use general knowledge when solving syllogism questions.
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Tidy Skunk
Syllogisms really do look like a fun thing to play with, and I like your quiz for giving me 30 opportunities to do so!

I am a fast reader. But with over two thirds of the questions I have barely had the opportunity to read the statements when the time was already up. 15 seconds are maybe achievable when you are a person with autism or similar (without offending anyone - I am sure there are autists who could do that and I think that's a great ability) but I doubt any normal person is able to do the quiz as intended.

A minute would have been the minimum for these questions!
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