Thirty Questions on Global History
This quiz covers various themes of global history, including disease, energy, migration, trade, religion, colonialism, and war. Happy test-taking! 🌍🤓
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Savvy Lizard author
Thank you very much for the feedback! :)
Sunny Swan
This quiz should be named "Get Disappointed With Your Lack of History Knowledge". It's super good, but also very difficult. My score was so poorly it got me ashamed. I really liked it though :) Very well written and varied.
Sunny Swan
Oh one suggestion though - would be cool if it had some kind of images, but not required - it's great nonetheless :
Savvy Lizard author
Thanks for being a good sport about it, nevertheless! And thanks for the feedback! :) if the contest permits, I’d put in more pictures, too.
Agile Jaguar
It was difficult for me but very good quiz to gain knowledge related to this topic.
Savvy Lizard author
Much obliged! Thank you!
Nimble Leopard
Oh how difficult this quiz is! Very well done. I just spotted one typo in question 8: instead of ’which if the following’ it should read ’which of the following’.
Savvy Lizard author
Thanks so much for pointing out the typo; I must've had my glasses off while typing. And thanks ever so much for the kind words! I hope you learned something new from the quiz. :)
Really Difficult
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