The most tricky abstract logic test
“Every madness has its own logic,” said old William Shakespeare 🧐. I must warn you that the test really seems insane, and at least one neologism appears in each question. It will confuse you again and again 🤯 And remember: “Logic is the art of arriving at an unpredictable conclusion,” - Samuel Johnson. The answer may be the most unexpected, so read the condition carefully 🤓 The condition is an axiom, the only true saying, albeit absurd, at first glance. Sometimes two answers may seem correct. In this case, you need to select the option that most suits the condition. John Locke said: “Logic is the anatomy of thinking” ☝️ Therefore, if you “pump” this skill, all doors will be open for you in any area of ​​life. Can you ignore the real world and pass this test, earning at least 20 of the 30 correct answers? Challenge yourself and show who is the smartest here. Good luck 💯
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Smart Tiger judge
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Regal Otter judge
The Russian version of this Quiz ( was disqualified for following the format of an online test too closely.

There are many factors which combine to determine whether or not a Quiz is rewarded. In this particular case, there are self-made images present and the Quiz has been carefully translated to a completely different language with almost no errors - not easy for a Quiz about logic like this.

These other factors are strong enough to prevent the Quiz from being disqualified.

If the Quiz had been fully original, it would have been eligible for one of the top prizes.
Little Squirrel author
Thank you very much for such a flattering review, it's nice to hear.
I have to say that I knew perfectly well what I was going for and what I was risking, taking an already existing test as a basis. But unfortunately I took the conditions too literally and considered the concept of uniqueness only in the context of coincidences of words and phrases from the Internet.
And now I see tests of other participants who compiled them completely independently, and I understand that they deserve to be rewarded much more than me.
Funky Raven
Great creativity! Congrats
Funky Raven
I really enjoyed question 21!
Little Squirrel author
Funky Raven Thank you very much, I really enjoyed your comment!))
Gifted Turtle
Well done! Some nice logic test with beatifull drawn pictures. Good job!
Little Squirrel author
Thank you for such a nice review!)
Stone Squid
The illustrations are brilliant!
However, I suspect plagiarism :/ The questions seem to be translated from this already existing test in Russian >
Some of the original neologisms (nouns) were changed, but the conditions are the same or similar. Did you use the test I linked above as a frame or something? If you did, I'm not sure it's okay...
Tell me if I'm wrong ._.
Little Squirrel author
Many tests were taken as a basis, but the test itself cannot be called plagiarism. It is 100% unique
Stone Squid
Little Squirrel Oh, I see. Best of luck with the contest then!
Little Squirrel author
Stone Squid Thank you for your response!
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