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This quiz is about simple, basic and begginers Mathematics that tests fundamental math skills.
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Step-by-step approach to teaching. 👍 E.g.: #q1, #q5, #q6, #q7 etc
As far as I understand, "step-by-step approach to teaching" means that questions are ORDERED in such a way that learning will be as good as possible. But shuffle questions mode in this test is on. How is it possible that this quiz nominated for "step-by-step approach to teaching"? What do you think, Smart Tiger?
Giant Kitten author
C D Thanks for your comment.

I think the judge is referring to -the detailed step by step explanation for the answers - when the judge said "Step-by-step approach to teaching".
It has nothing to do with the order of the questions or shuffling mode.
It is simply refering to individual explanations of the answers.
Giant Kitten author
Thank you for the comment and also for letting me be a part of this contest.
I appreciate all the work you are doing.
Stout Shrimp
x³ < x
The answer is -2 or -3 because -8 < -2 and -9 < -3
It's not -1/2 because -1/8 > -1/2

> There is a typo in the problem of the factors of 24:
it says "what is the same of all factors of 24" instead of "what is the sum of all factors of 24"

> There is a typo in the explanation of the diameter size of a circle respect to its radius problem:
it says "so rhe diameter is..." instead of "so the diameter is..."

> The problem of the airplane flying says it's flying at "600m miles per hour" so is it meter or miles?, it's confusing, I guess it was a typo and it's "600 miles per hour" and the answer was correct.
Giant Kitten author
*For which of the following values of x is x³ < x NOT a true statement?(-1/2)³= - 1/8 > -1/2, The question asks which is NOT or the FALSE one, not the true one.
**Thank you for the typo in same and sum, Sorry it's of rapid autocorrect of keyboard.
*** Again thank you for the typo correction rhe was meant as 'the'
****Also a typo error no 'm' in 600m miles, Just miles. Thanks for the feedback and Sorry for the typos.
Giant Kitten author
It's Mathematics, and any prime numbers and their sums is not a copyright infringement. If that's the case, any question here would result something similar in the Internet. Anyways Thanks.
Tall Monkey
Ok. Bro
Lucio Messina
This is not basic math, I would say quite advanced. There are many grammar and spelling errors; in one question the word "sum" is spelled "some"
Giant Kitten author
Thank you for the feedback. As addressed in previous comments, the typos will be rectified ASAP.
Quiet Gopher
i do your quiz. There are grammatical/syntax errors.
In general the quiz is quite simple
Giant Kitten author
Thanks. Corrections will be made ASAP.
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