The Human Body
Different types of quizzes about functions, morphology, life span of various organs, cells in our human body.
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Eager Cobra judge
Thank you for taking the effort to submit your test for the contest.
Unfortunately, this test will not be able to receive a prize:

Major language issues. Too many mistakes in questions, answers and explanations (grammar, typos, style). E.g:

#q2: "Where are the red blood cells reduced?" (instead of "produced")
#q8: "Hydrochloric acid help with digestion." (helps)
#q8: "It is so corrosive as it could through the metal"
#q9: "What appendix is for?"
#q10: "How many percentage of water is there in urine"
#q19: "What condition in the people causes not to smell?" (question about loss of smell, not people smelling)
#q20: "How many no. of bones are in our hand? => 27 no. of bones" (how many number)
Etc., etc.
Quiet Gull author
I agree with grammar mistakes of #q2 and #q8 but saying it as major language issues in whole is totally unacceptable! You have to explain what is wrong in the explanations.

I therefore kindly ask you to re-review your judgement.

Tall Panda judge
Quiet Gull This Quiz was fully re-assessed by an independent Judge.

The original verdict was incorrect. Your Quiz is no longer disqualified. However, we cannot guarantee that it will receive a prize.
Quiet Gull author
Tall Panda Thank you so much. I appreciate that you have considered my concern!
Maria Ad
Cool text but not enough time for answering. I guess 30 sec would be better.
Quiet Gull author
Thanks for giving a try. Since it's my first time, I will try to improve the feature in future
Many answers and even explainations were wrong. But choice of questions were good. Well done👍🏻
Quiet Gull author
Thanks for giving a try. Every answers are correct as per my knowledge.
🤔but as per google search results,few ansrs are incorrect 😅
Q5) Answer is wrong. Humans can sense more than 1 trillion types of smell. Heres the link -
Q13) Humans do not have 100 trillion cells. They have 37.2trillion cells+-0.8 million.
How many cells are in the human body?
Q19) RBC is reduced in spleen and produced in bone marrow. (Check your explanation)
Q30) not only fingerprints, genes are also not identical in identical twins, which is one of your option.
Identical Twins' Genes Are Not Identical - Scientific American
Quiet Gull author
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