Test "Сan i survive coronavirus? (COVID-19)"
A small test that will show your chances of surviving in this viral apocalypse!
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Fancy Piranha
Desert Pug author
I read that your remark is very important. But my information was relevant at the time of writing the test. It’s great that you have added my answer!
Fancy Piranha
Yes you are right , i told you to notice this updates and you can review my quiz if you want
Fancy Piranha
and what about droplets of viruses on products?
Groovy Sheep
Question 9: "When was the coronavirus detected?" and given answer is "end of December 2019"

According to my understanding, the question is inaccurate.
The coronavirus was detected and discovered since 1930s.
Link : https://theconversation.com › co...
Web results
Coronaviruses – a brief history - The Conversation
Link : https://www.sciencedirect.com › topics
Web results
Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Or you can modify the question. Asking about When the outbreak / Covid-19 was detected.

Thank you.
Desert Pug author
Thank you for your comment. In this matter, I meant coronavirus, as a pathogen in humans, which can be traced throughout the test.
Hip Cat
A generally good quiz..Although it's riddled with certain inconsistencies and erroneous statements. Some kind people have pointed out some above.. I'd like to point out one too.. You clearly stated in your explanation in question 13 above that 'the presence of a new type of coronavirus in pregnant women can lead to premature birth and cesarean section. Also, during childbirth or abortion, the risk of death is increased.'... I'd like to say that this statement is not backed up by contemporary FACTS!!.. Right now there is NO evidence that supports high possibility of premature births, or death of a child in the womb of a pregnant woman due to COVID-19 infection... Here are some articles to buttress my point: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/pregnant-and-worried-about-the-new-coronavirus-2020031619212

Here's a quote from the article above: 'An increased risk of miscarriage or fetal malformations has not been documented in pregnant women who are infected with COVID-19, according to the CDC.'

You can also check out this publication : https://www.tommys.org/pregnancy-information/im-pregnant/pregnancy-and-coronavirus-information-pregnant-women
Desert Pug author
It’s absolutely clear that the consequences of coronavirus in a pregnant woman’s body can lead to more dramatic outcomes. “Serious illnesses that cause fever are sometimes associated with premature contractions and childbirth,” said Oxford University professor Marian Knight.Watch this https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52752818
Hip Cat
Desert Pug This is not research based... You don't just pick up a random event to support your statement in science...You need verifiable evidences and research based findings... If you had read the two articles I suggested, it would have been clearer...However, I decided to get more facts for you.. A quote from this publication states, 'There are no data suggesting an increased risk of miscarriage of pregnancy loss due to COVID-19 and studies with SARS and MERS do not demonstrate a relationship between infection and miscarriage or second trimester loss.'

Full article with extensive research on pregnant COVID-19 patients:
Mad Bull
Great quiz, however on the question of the socio-economic effects of COVID-19, you assume it has led to a stock market crash is a little far fetched. Economies have been strangled and stretched wide but no a crash of the stock market.
Mad Bull
Also there is not evidence to suggest pregnant women are at risk and could lead to complications of birth https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_in_pregnancy
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