JavaScript Programming Fundamentals 👨🏻‍💻
Hello, Champion 🌟 Welcome to ‘JavaScript Programming Fundamentals’ quiz 👨🏻‍💻. The questions in the quiz will cover the history of the JavaScript language, basic syntax, array & string functions along with some advanced concepts like promises, async-await & prototypes. Questions can be multiple-choice options, True/False, and Input/Output based on code snippets. Appropriate Code snippets and images are used wherever required. Please do check explanations for each answer as they contain useful links for a better understanding of each topic. Get Ready! Test your knowledge! Gain your knowledge! Good Luck 🏆 Grab the 🥇 !!!
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Caring Bear
Great quiz! Good answer and questions, really nice code screen shots! Good look!
Quiet Meerkat author
Thank you for taking this quiz. Stay tuned for more !!!
Giant Kitten
Ace! This is an incredible quiz, I am disappointed I didn't find it until now. It shows immense effort and creativity. Truly remarkable work!! Congratulations!! 👍👌
Quiet Meerkat author
Thank you 😊
Hip Cobra
Great quiz, congratz!
Afterall, the only correct answer to #q36 has flipped till submission began: awaiting outside of async function is safe to use now, at least in latest Node.js. Correct it before next round 😉
Quiet Meerkat author
Thank you Hip cobra, As I'm not aware of the changes you mentioned regarding "await", I'll check that in node.js and do necessary changes in answer or explanations if required. 😇
Stanislav  Perfilov
Нормальный Квиз! Только я не JS-ник 😂
More Knowledge needed for me.
Maria Afonso
In question 20, isInteger isn't a global function like the answer implies. It's part of Number.
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