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This quiz is designed to check individuals' English level by asking 30 questions on grammar and vocabulary. Participant's level can be calculated as follows: Advanced - 28-30 Upper intermediate - 25-27 Intermediate - 22-24 Pre intermediate - 18-21 Elementary - 14-17 Beginner - 0-13
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Too many missing explanations. More than 10 explanations simply repeat the correct answer. E.g.
#q29, #q28, #q26, #q25 etc
Rasulbek Ergashev
Nice quiz, even checked whether incorrect answers would be found incorrect 😂, it works well, hope the number of questions is a myriad so that next time I solve I will have different questions
Sunny Lemur
Great questions😃 but I was looking for the explanations why it should be the correct answer to each of the questions🤔 not just by giving what should be the correct answer.
Nice Moth author
I will give full explanations as soon as possible after Telegram allows to edit questions!
Gifted Frog
as the other competitors said , it would be better if the quiz had more explanation about the right choice , also the difficulty of the questions should be ascending not random ! but wholly speaking , it was a good quiz .
Shouldn't question 29 be "The teacher asked the question to another student..." instead of "from another student"?
Dark Gorilla
Nice quiz but I was looking forward to knowing why some of the wrong answers I chose were wrong and the answer to gave was correct but I couldn't find any explanation for all the questions.
Also with question 20, I got a little confused, I thought "intitlement" was a real word but figured you meant entitlement rather.
Ace Ladybird
In addition to above-mentioned remarks, some questions are not related to English language knowledge, like "photon" and "nectar". Anyone with basic general knowledge can pick the right answer.
Mainly, vocabulary based questions. No challenging complex grammar was included though tags of the quiz brought me here(Upper-intermediate and Advanced). Misleading quiz and not varied. Spelling error "intitelement". No proper explanations. I give one star.
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