Test Your Science, Little Scientist!
This quiz is all about Science contents and suitable for primary schools students from 10 to 12 years old. It can be used as a test or revision. - Teacher Sharifah Aziah
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Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct. E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc
Note: some explanations have minor typos e.g.#q1, #q7
Sweet Sheep author
Thank you for the comment, Sir. May I know how to edit the typos? Really appreaciate your advice. 🌹
Mellow Beaver
Okay, great quiz, I learned from this! Minor details:

The frog question: the explanation says "... breatje".

The "type of symbiosis" question lacks from the image it was supposed to have, so people don't have idea what the question is taking about.

And that's all I noticed, but good work, man.
Sweet Sheep author
Thank you for your comment, friend. May I know how to edit the question? Any advice or suggestion. Thank you in advanced🌹
Mellow Beaver
Sweet Sheep Yeah, actually we can't edit them, yet. But I just wanted to comment about those minor details! But overall, nice test, man!
Sexy Bass
Hi. This quiz covers a broad range of topics which is good.
I found some of the wording to be a bit off in places - grammar and/or typos. Eg Q40 “What is the circle is called?”, Q37 “What is the conclusion can be made...”
Some specific issues I found:
Q11 says”Infer the size of bottle B”. I understand that to mean, “What is the size of bottle B”. So a student could legitimately understand it to mean that the bottle will expand more and so will be bigger. Do you agree? Perhaps wording like “Explain the reason for bottle B’s size after the experiment” would be nearer what the question is driving at?
Also, and this is me being picky (😬) the Earth doesn’t rotate anti clockwise as the explanation to Q21 stated. If you looked at the earth from directly above the South Pole it rotates clockwise. It’s a matter of perspective.
The image for Q 33 didn’t show up for me so I totally guessed.
Sweet Sheep author
thank you for the comment. Actually 'infer' is the term for Science process skill which means 'give reason'. Students need to observe the size of bottle n state the reason why.
Earth rotates in its axis is the Science fact that's in our primary Science syllibus. ☺️
I'm looking for a way if I can edit my questions mentioned above. 🤩
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