Test your knowledge on COVID - 19 pandemic
This is a very useful quiz that will test your knowledge on the current COVID - 19 pandemic, while providing you with the necessary information on how to combat the disease and remain safe. Use this opportunity to learn more and keep safe and healthy...Cheers!
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Eager Clam author
As a health professional (Medical Doctor/Surgeon), I would like to admonish everyone to participate in this educational quizz. You will be surprised to see how much you can learn and benefit from this quizz
Webster Gomez
Excellent questionnaire showed me many flaws that I have in the knowledge of this disease, very grateful for this information
Eva Nuñez
good guy, I learned a lot from covid 19, things I had no idea
Eager Clam author
Webster Gomez Thank you for your honest review
Eager Clam author
Eva Nuñez I am happy to know that you learnt something new
Groovy Sheep
Recommended!! But the pattern for multiple answers of question (e.g. I and II) have the same pattern, which is all of the above.
Eager Clam author
That's pretty ok. We use that pattern to examine med students. Furthermore, the point of this quiz is to admonish learning on such a novel topic. We certainly would not want people to be bursting their brains out, but instead enjoy a good trivia quiz while engaging in active learning! Thank you for the comment
Eager Clam author
Eager Clam Likewise, the repeated use of "pattern" in your sentence should be avoided. Cheers!
Mad Bull
Great quiz, good job done!
Eager Clam author
Thank you so much.
Deepak Kumar
Wow amazing quiz it will boost our knowledge about corona virus.
Eager Clam author
Thank you
Surya Dora
best quiz ever i played during the COVID-19 pandamic...............................
Eager Clam author
Great to know. Thank you my brother
Mohit Mishra
This gives us knowledge
Eager Clam author
Yea it does indeed
Manu Sebastian
great survey I like it please add more
Eager Clam author
Ok thank you
nice test gives you more knowledge on covid-19
Eager Clam author
Thank you
Ador Vatnikaj
Interesting quiz. Helped me a lot for learning new information about Covid-19.
Eager Clam author
Thank you
Sushovan Mukherjee
Wonderful quiz and great questions.i like this.
Eager Clam author
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