Life in and Around Us
A small quiz to let you know about your knowledge related to yourself and the things around you, created with a hope that you will learn something new in a fun and interesting way.. ☺️
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Holy Chameleon author
Really glad to know.. Thanks for your time and compliment ☺️
Regal Otter judge
Note: This Quiz contains language (and some quality) issues, but there are also multiple other factors which combine to determine whether or not a Quiz is rewarded.

There are certain questions later on in the Quiz which lack the quality and focus of others.

While this Quiz will still be rewarded, without these issues it may have been eligible for one of the top prizes.
Holy Chameleon author
Thanks for taking time to try this quiz and giving your valuable feedback.

i accept that there are some typos in the quiz, but could you please explain a bit more about the quality issues that you've mentioned, so that i can improve next time while keeping it in mind ? ☺️
Suave Tiger
The images are funny
Vishal Sukhija
Very informative
Holy Chameleon author
thanks :)
Nice taste of questions. All the questions have proper explanations and images, unlike other science quiz😝.
looks like you've worked hard for making this quiz interesting.
Good luck.☺️
Holy Chameleon author
Thanks a lot, Glad you enjoyed ☺️
Tidy Skunk
The question with the human eye (and which part plays the most important role) is nice - but note, that physically, the candle would apear upside-down on the retina. ;) And here's also why we don't see upside down. :D
(Or do we? And in reality everything is upside down? :O)
Holy Chameleon author
Yes, the image formed on the retina should be an inverted one. Thanks for liking the quiz :)
Tanned Piranha
Clearly the best quiz i've seen so far. 👍👍
Holy Chameleon author
thank you
This was awesome😅😎 informative indeed!!
Holy Chameleon author
Thanks a lot ☺️
The quiz is informative and fun! Keep up the good work! 🔥🌻
Holy Chameleon author
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