Math Challenge (math skills and mental calculations)
This test contains 30 questions. Each one includes some numbers. You should find a mathematical relation between them to calculate a missing number. Familiarity with below simple math operations/concepts is enough, for the test: ,,,✖️, average, power and root. This test will improve your math skills and ability of mental calculations. Please update the Telegram app, before the test.
3 min
Per question
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Holy Duck judge
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Tall Ant author
Hi dear Judge
Thanks a lot.
I tried to do my best, and I'll continue.

Kind regards ...
Daria G.
Nice challenge, but I think there was a mistake: 42*1.5 is not 60
You're right.
Tall Ant author
Hi Daria,
Thanks for your comment.
You're right. The 2nd row must be corrected.
I will correct it, when editing becomes available.

Kind regards
Tall Ant author
The last question has been corrected.

thank you again
Good questions.
It was really challenging.
Tall Ant author
Thanks ...
good design for graphical quiz
Tall Ant author
thank u
wait for future quizes
Giant Kitten
Truly challenging. I did terrible on the quiz. I needed more time. It was an interesting and intriguing for math lovers. I hope all the pictures are your own. Overall, outstanding work. Also the acknowledged mistake 42×1.5 thing is addressed before. Well done. Good luck!👍
Tall Ant author
Hi dear Giant Kitten.
thanks for your inspiring comment.
I will change the picture of 30th question asap.

best regards
Tall Ant author
Hi, thanks again. I designed all pictures, myself. The pictures are my own.
Tall Ant author

The last question has been corrected.

Thank you again
Hairy Mammoth
Nice quiz ..need a cup of coffee while answering it
Tall Ant author
thanks friend,
math is beautiful and your idea about coffee, makes it brilliant.

good luck
In my opinion each questions needs more time to answer
Tall Ant author
thanks for your comment,

I increase the time asap.

kind regards
Tall Ant author

The time for each question has been increased to 3 minutes.

Thank you again for your comment
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