Introduction to Computer Science
This test is based on the well-known CS50 course from Harvard University, which reveals the basic principles of computer science. Source:
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Sharp Squirrel
Very cool quiz! There are a lot of questions if several fields...
Cool Bear
This is a really fun quiz. I liked the animated images with the doodling. It was easy on the eye. I also like that the doodles also served to give hints. I loved that.
Humble Fox
Cool quiz! Doodles are awesome! My fav question about boss and linked lists :D
Suggestion: use markdown syntax in explanations they are a little bit unnoticeable.

BTW, I think  `What function is needed to create an array in Python?` - list() is correct too.

Good luck!
Dark Dodo
Great quiz, I like it, especially graphics.

Agree with Humble Fox about list(), although in the explanation you also write that the list() func can be used to create an array but it's not the correct answer.
Lawful Kiwi
I think that answer "list()" is incorrect because this function provides a data structure called "list", not "array" (they may looks similar but they also have some differences like mutability). So I think that this question have no mistakes and the answer "Python does not support arrays in default libraries" is the only correct
Humble Fox
Lawful Kiwi Disagree, the word array has way broader meaning.
ᕼ𝖺ᴦ𝗌h ◖◔ᴥ◔◗
In #q5 , Do interpreters cant convert source code to machine code?
Thank you for the test!
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