Mathematics, in addition to being a broad field of knowledge, is itself a logical approach that can be applied to many different fields. Mathematicians have demonstrated strange abilities in the certainty of what must be proved, and in the invention of explicit methods of proof. "If we look at math, math has a cool, sleek beauty of a sculpture in which there is no attraction to any part of our weaker nature, yet very much so," says Bertrand Russell, one of the most important mathematicians of the twentieth century. It's pure and complete, so only the greatest arts can be like that. " Mathematics is, in fact, deeply rooted in almost every human activity, from everyday tasks to the advanced research of experts in many different fields of knowledge.
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Too many missing explanations. More than 10 questions have the similar explanation that this question is solved using a strategy. But there is not informative explanations. E.g. :
#q5: "To solve this question, it is enough to know a little basic algebra and solve it easily"
#q6: "This question is solved by the modeling strategy method, and familiarity with arithmetic numbers"
#q12: "This question is solved through the strategy under the problem and considering all the cases."
#q14: "This question is solved by reasoning strategy and experiments with logical reasoning."
Stout Shrimp
>There are 58 even numbers from 39 to 154 not 97.

> The village with 100 houses, 2 antennas on all 3 houses and 3 crows sit on each of the 2 antennas is unclear and no solution given.

> If we reduce the radius of a circle by 10% then its area is reduced by 81% not 19%.

> Subtracting the sum of the first 100 numbers minus the sum of the first hundred numbers is 0 not 100. Also there is a "minus" repeated twice contiguous.

> The boy selling oranges problem is tricky, if he buys 9 packages of 3 oranges, then he could sell 5 packages of 5 oranges and make 100 dollars (the desired amount). Also, if he buy 50 packages of 3 oranges, then he spent 500 dollars but he could sell them as 10 packages of 5 oranges so he will get 600 dollars and will have 100 dollars of profit (this is the selected answer). But as I said before, the question is unclear.

> the question of the sum of the interior angles of a 120-degree angle has no sense because an angle has no interior angles and if it has, their sum will be 120° as well.

> What's two-way pair and two-way their?, also what's an optimal optimal?, if it's optimal is just optimal, there is no such thing like optimal optimal. Question unclear.

> Jim at the restaurant wanting to order food has an unclear statement. It should say how many combinations/ways are.

> problem with people hugging if the know each other and people shaking hands if the don't know each other should say how many handshakes would be (or at least that's what I guess the question was, do the maths and it was the answer)

I have to say I stopped doing the quest and started answering random just to finish. I got bored of too large questions, confusing questions and errors.
Neat Pigeon author
فقط میخاستم تشکر کنم که تو ازمون شرکت کردید فقط میخاستم بگم که سوالات از مشابه منابع علمی بوده و برای اینکه زبان من فارسی هست تایپ کردن اونها به زبان انگلیسی بسیار بسیار سخت بود و ممکن بود سوالات اشتباه در بیان
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