Animal funfacts(zoology)
Fun and informative questions on animals for both kids and adults. Check your knowledge on zoology.Must try for all animal lovers😍!!
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Anish Sunny
It was really good
Noble Gull author
Noel Dominic
It's excellent for knowledge
Noble Gull author
Hope u learned atleast one fact about about many animals🐵🐶😻
Swift Hamster
I liked It!
Noble Gull author
Thank you!🐶😻
Dashing Moth
Beautiful stickers🐸 and questions.
Noble Gull author
Happy to hear that as it took me a lot of time to get the right ones.♥️.
Mighty Fox
Nice quiz but in no. 19 the options were shuffled making it confusing to answer.
Noble Gull author
Firstly, thankyou !🐵♥️.Yes, the options got shuffled in that question because i selected the shuffle all option in telegram.To my badluck the options were in the right order😬 when i tried it,So i didnt notice it . I will surely turn off "shuffle all " option when i can next👍.
Holy Chameleon
Some questions were not related to zoology but more to the "general knowledge" type.
for ex. The question related to national emblem of USA.
it's like asking someone about the animals in national emblem of Australia or india. Which most of the people in USA probably wouldn't know.

but anyways.. it was an easy quiz. Good luck. ☺️
Noble Gull author
Hey👋,i know few of the questions can be classified under the topic "general knowledge on animals" in a broader sense that is why i kept the title animal funfacts(zoology) though most questions lie purely under the domain of zoology.My perspective is that anyone who is keen into zoology and studies about an animal (for example i have put different types of eagles as its options in that question ) deeply is very much likely to know about which country the animal is native to etc enabling him answer the question without even knowing implicitly about the emblem.Also i don't expect him/her to know everything so that he/she can learn atleast one new thing.Also i am happy to hear that the quiz was easy for you🙂 as most managed to get only about 50 percent of the answers correct.Hope you understand, Thankyou 😊.
Holy Chameleon
Noble Gull Yeah well, actually if you see that particular question's explanation, you only mentioned about when and how the US national emblem was selected... making it look a bit out of context.
It would be quite better if you had told more about the bald eagle or anything related to it along with already stated explanation. ☺️
Noble Gull author
Holy Chameleon With the present constraint of word limit its not quite possible to add anything more about the bald eagle thats significant ,apart from how the emblem was selected but yeah as per your suggestion,next time i will definitely try harder to fit that in too🙌👍
Noble Gull author
Please note that if you ever come across the option- "all of the above", consider it as the last option and it means that the answer includes all the other options.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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