Selective breeding
Often, we tend to think that what surrounds us comes directly from nature, forgetting the long selection processes made by the man on wild animals and plants. It started a very long time ago and has brought to all the well-known modern domestic species. Selective breeding and domestication not only made changes from wild to domestic, but also led to a different development of every single part of the world. In this test we’ll see some examples of what this kind of selection has caused.
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Lawful Yak
Really really interesting! Gives a deep insight! I'm curious about questions number 16 and 17, I know for sure that there's a case of domesticated zebra... I saw it by myself at Fiera Cavalli, in Bologna, Italy. Is it a single case?
Big Turtle author
Thanks a lot for your comment! Concerning the case of the zebra, maybe it was a case of taming. There is a huge difference between a tamed and a domesticated animal, it means, that the first refers to a single individual (it has happened also with elephants) while the second refers to an entire species. I hope I've made it clear 😊
Maria Norma Ribeiro
Big Turtle Good answer!
Lawful Yak
Oh nice, yes much clearer. Thanks! 😄
James Jeremiah 🇹🇹
This quiz really tested my knowledge base. Thank you.
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