भारत की राजव्यस्था टेस्ट-1
राजव्यवस्था के अपने ज्ञान का परीक्षण कीजिये इन बेहतरीन प्रश्नों के साथ और साथ ही प्रश्न में ही उसकी व्याख्या भी देख सकते हैं| यह polity के शुरूआती टॉपिक हैं आगे और भी क्विज प्राप्त करने हेतु जुड़े रहें|
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Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are wrong.
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Humble Whale author
Thank you sir for your observational and polite comment 🙂
These questions are meant for India's state sevices exams simultaneously these serves the purpose of knowledge to those who want to gain something in Indian polity .
Thanks again ! And sorry for bad English 😊
Humble Whale author
Sir! Please consider my request for reconsedring the quiz rating I have made extra efforts in more than 10 questions in formatting and in expalnations eg. #q4, #q7, #q11, #q27, #q28, #28, #q30
It is a kind act for me if you consider my request.
**विश्वप्रिय शर्मा**
Wow I have found this quiz very useful also it has lots of good questions thank you
Humble Whale author
Thank you dear for your response
**विश्वप्रिय शर्मा**
Questions are error free I believe the quiz master is expert in polity
Humble Whale author
Thanks for your concern
पुष्पेंद्र सिंह शेखावत
SuchLevel of questions are really needed for making the concept. Apppreciable
Humble Whale author
Thank you pushpendra bhai ji 👍
Nice quiz
Harish Chaturvedi
बहुत ही बेहतरीन
Humble Whale author
Thank you 😊
Rajendra Rathore
शानदार प्रयोग
Humble Whale author
Thank you sir
Jagdev Singh
Bhut acha level. 🎉🤗
अत्ति उत्तम
Humble Whale author
Thank you Naveen bhai
Vinod Kumar jat
Nice quiz
Humble Whale author
Thank you vinod bhai ji
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