Are you sure you know English?
Hello to everyone 🤘 I hope you are doing well and ready to diversify your daily life by participating in an educational quiz. The key point of this test is to check your English knowledge and highlight that language learning is not only grammar, spelling, phonetics but also logic and attractive language-related facts. The quiz will be composed of question of different difficulty levels (from the simplest to the most intricate ones). In tasks it will be required to choose one correct answer, complete the blank spaces, translation and something else. I don't want to be a spoiler 🤫 The most important rule during it is to be attentive, in a good mood and fresh 🥦. "Good fortune follows you wherever you go" 🤘
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Groovy Sheep
Question 16:
16. Seldom ... a politician say "sorry".
– one does hear
– do one hear
– does one hear
– one does hear

There are two choices with same answers even though they are not the correct answer.

Overall, it is fun and interesting quiz

Thank you!!
Hairy Butterfly author
Thank you for your feedback 🤗
Dark Dolphin
1. Captain James Cook was the first white man to set foot in ... in 1770.
How does this relate to the topic of the test?
2. Basically the idea is to just give a quick, positive answer. A real response, especially with lots of bad things, that’s uncomfortable. — are you sure this is the same in all cultures speaking English, as your topic suggests?
3. Are you sure you know English — there's no question mark.
4. " ON the house" means that "the house" (the bar, pub or establishment) pays for the drink. It's a free drink. — there's an extra space.
5. "Round -4, Italian -7, Bread-like -9" — there's a space missing after "-".
6. In the question on the song by Hurts you have a mistake of misalignment between answers and the spaces in the picture.
7. Hyphen is often used instead of dash.
This does not, however, decrease the value of the test. Still, it should be somehow worked on to fit the educational quality.
Hairy Butterfly author
Thank you for your notifications!
I will take them into my consideration!

Regarding the sence of my quiz the most important idea is to check not only English grammar but some facts about the language, english-speaking countries and their cultural things.
That's why I have made the decision to provide info about some historcal facts.
Optionally to choose the right answer, participants should know vocabulary, phrasal verbs or set expressions. Answering these questions they level up both language and educational knowledge.

As regards pointing out the correct answer among different variants the key point is to be concentrated on the task, analyse the question and answers as well. Be ready to select the option without paying attention to extraneous irritants 😉.

I would like to admit your feedback is quite significant and will make me to be more attentive next time 💪
Ismael Hussen
It was good . I will upgrade my language.
Christlike Mind
it was a good test. i must step up my English. Thanks for the opportunity
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