Swift iOS Beginner - Test your Swift [1]
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1. Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct and why the
wrong answers are wrong (when appropriate). E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3
2. Step-by-step approach to teaching. 👍
Jolly Giraffe author
Thank you. I found it hard to define a step-by-step approach by the system, but figured out to define it as I could with the allowed functionality of the first version of Quizzes, because I believe Telegram will try to evolve it to make it in a way that enables you to approach creation of a Quiz in the right way.
As far as I understand, "step-by-step approach to teaching" means that questions are ORDERED in such a way that learning will be as good as possible. But shuffle questions mode in this test is on. How is it possible that this quiz nominated for "step-by-step approach to teaching"? What do you think, Giant Snail?
Jolly Giraffe author
C D I replied to your question in the same comment you made to my other Quiz: https://quiz.directory/quiz/6FNXn2Bo?comment_id=20
Dark Dodo
Good quiz, just a small note, there're 5 answers "The code will not compile" in row, actually 30% of answers are "The code will not compile", idk it looks not very balanced.
Jolly Giraffe author
Thank you for your feedback. The questions are shuffled randomly so probably out of 30 questions you got 5 which has correct answer of "The code will not compile". As of the 30% of answers being "The code will not compile" it is not a matter of having dynamic impossible to find answers in this Elementary quiz, but more to make developers think of the real outcome of a piece of code. If all correct answers would have been "The code will not compile" that would not in my opinion affect the quality of a quiz, because in every question, there is a piece of knowledge one can learn. The correct answer in quizzes is there to put a final full stop, an end margin, but is not the point of the quiz. The point in a quiz is to get dynamic questions and challenge yourself into understanding the questions first in my opinion.
Dark Dodo
Jolly Giraffe I get your point, thanks for the reply.
I need more insight knowledge on this.
Solomon Lawil
I did it yeah
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