Good knowledge of fractions helps us solve problems at home, in school and in the work and market places. Working with fractions can be very interesting.
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1.Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct.
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2.Educational pre-poll messages. 👍 This test uses pre-poll messages well to achieve an educational effect.
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Tactful Python author
Many thanks for this encouraging appraisal.
As far as I understand, "step-by-step approach to teaching" means that questions are ORDERED in such a way that learning will be as good as possible. But shuffle questions mode in this test is on. How is it possible that this quiz nominated for "step-by-step approach to teaching"? What do you think, Big Pug?
Lucky Dolphin
Fun quiz, your question no. 30 has two(2) correct answers which is 4/9.
Tactful Python author
Thanks Lucky for the observation. You are right. I spotted it after I had submitted the quiz and could not correct it.
There is another one too I intended writing as "Simplify 7 6/7 - 4 4/7" but wrote instead "Simplify 7 6/7 - 4 3/7". However, the option marked as corrct was obtained using the question I intended to write. This left the actual question I wrote with no correct answer among the options given. The solution I gave in the explanation was also done with the question I intended to write (with the correct answer also appearing twice in the options).
Again, I noticed this after I had submitted the quiz and could not effect correction. I totally take responsibility.
Thanks once again Lucky. I hope you found the quiz interesting anyway
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