Vincent Van Gogh
A challenging quiz to test how well you know Van Gogh’s background and life. Enjoy!
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Big Horse author
Thanks, was not sure what you were supposed to right in the explanation part.
Agile Hamster judge
Thank you for taking the effort to submit your test for the contest.
Unfortunately, this test will not be able to receive a prize:

Too many missing explanations. More than 10 questions have the same blank explanation. E.g.
Lawful Flamingo
About your question: “How many paintings did Gogh sold during his lifetime?”
Its information from official Gogh museum page: “We don’t know exactly how many paintings Van Gogh sold during this lifetime, but in any case, it was more than a couple. Vincent’s first commission was from his uncle Cor. He was an art dealer and wanted to help his nephew on his way, so he ordered 19 cityscapes of The Hague. 
Vincent sold his first painting to the Parisian paint and art dealer Julien Tanguy, and his brother Theo successfully sold another work to a gallery in London. The Red Vineyard, which Vincent painted in 1888, was bought by Anna Boch, the sister of Vincent’s friend Eugène Boch.”
Stone Squid
I'm afraid you missed the whole point of explanations. They're supposed to give the correct answer and provide some info about why the answer is correct...
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