Javascript Concepts for Beginners ✌️
Welcome in this video assisted Quiz we will explain important computer programming concepts in Javascript. (Please always select the best answer).
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Holy Bear judge
1. Explanations expand the correct answer.
2. Step-by-step teaching focus, but the pre-poll message say "computer programming concepts in javascript" while the quiz contains simple computer appreciation concepts with no relation with javascript
Dandy Otter judge
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Quiet Meerkat
Videos are good.. But first 10 questions are not even about Javascript 😔
Sometimes more than an answer is valid
Tharindu Konesh
wow its nice...
This quiz is actually kind of bad. Sometimes multiple answers are technically valid and many answers rely on being fluent in the english language to not interpret the answer in not the intended way. Most questions are of this kind, also they are often just questions that want to hear specific words, like 26: A statement can also contain operators, but it hangs itself up on the difference between "code" (vague word, CORRECT) and "programming instructions" (also a vague word, but this one is wrong!)

Same with 23: Arguably, what is even the difference between answer 1 and 3? Oh, that it's a SINGLE result? Come on.

5: Same thing here, some technical difference between software and code that doesn't really advance anyone

2: technically hardware IS parts of a computer that can be programmed by software (and firmware). But oh, physical! Yeah, haha, technically got me huh!?

Same with 3: Oh, software is a collection of data and code? Sure, but it's also programs that run on a computer! Why would it not be that? Is that wrong? Does software not run on a computer? Or is there some technical trick question answer that I dont get?
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