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Chic Piranha author
Could you please elaborate on why the quiz has received a score of 3.5 even though it had good educational explanations, was tidy and relatively original.
Chic Piranha author
Bold Pony
Question 17 is confusing. US has the largest debt in the World ( Japan has the highest debt per capita.
Chic Piranha author
Hello, apologies for the confusion, however, the question is focusing on the "Public Debt". According to the CIA's website, Japan is No.1

In addition, if you Google "what country is drowning in the most debt" multiple sources report Japan as No.1 too.
Bold Pony
Question 20. Grain and Cattle were barter, not money. Money needs to be a store of value, fungible, divisible, and hold its value over a long period of time. Not really the case of cattle... ;-)
Chic Piranha author
Hello, apologies for the confusion, and you are correct, grain and cattle were barter, however, the question focuses more on money as the system of exchange and that is why "grain and cattle" could be considered as "primitive" type money (nice article on "primitive money"
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