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Too many missing explanations. More than 10 explanations simply repeat the correct answer. E.g. #q6, #q12, #q22, etc.
Swift Kiwi author
Thank you for your suggestions. Could you elaborate more please? I didn't want the explanations to be lengthy or abrupt.
Night Lemur
I liked the first two thirds of the quiz, however in the final third there were a few inaccuracies:
20. Raster images are images made up of rectangular grids of pixels (not paths), while vector images are made up of paths.
25. This question is confusingly worded - "data connection" could be interpreted as any kind of data connection as well as a cellular (mobile internet) connection. The explanation states that "Wifi technology requires data connection", which makes matters more confusing.
26. The answer here is simply wrong, as a quick Google search for "CDN" reveals.
29. This also isn't true, at least not with these vague answers - you can format external drives, refresh web pages, and reset settings all without reinstalling Windows.
Swift Kiwi author
Thank you for suggestions.
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