Mathematik Abitur - Vorbereitung und Grundlagen
Grundlagen für ein erfolgreiches Mathematik Abitur und vorbereitende Fragen zu den Themen Analysis und Geometrie
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Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are wrong (when appropriate). E.g.:
#q17, #q13, #q2, etc.
Gentle Griffin author
Thank you very much!
Crazy Butterfly
This quiz got three stars from me. That means it in my opinion is eligible to win. It doesn't get more stars, because of the chosen topic, which makes finding questions/answers way easier then in more or less any other educational topic. That's it, is a fine quiz, just not something special.
Gentle Griffin author
Hey Poolitzer, thank you for your comment. I chose this topic for two reasons. At first I am studying maths at university and therefore I chose a topic in which I am able to provide further and more detailed information in case of upcoming questions. The second reason is that there are a lot of people struggling with maths at school so I wanted to tackle a topic of which I am sure that I can help other people (and that help is needed) as I think that the aim of this educational quizes should be educating and really helping others.
Young Fox
Insgesamt gefällt mir das Quiz sehr gut. Zwei kleine Verbesserungsvorschlag hätte ich dennoch:
1. Die Gleichungen in den Fragen als Bild mitschicken, wo sie schöner formatiert sind.
2. In den Fragen, die sich eine Gleichung teilen diese bei jeder Frage wieder anzeigen.
Gentle Griffin author
Vielen Dank! Ja das sind gute Vorschläge, ich werde sie umsetzen sobald es möglich ist
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