The Elements of Myth
How well do you know the classical European myths? How well do you know the periodic table of elements? Here’s a quiz that will test your knowledge of both (and then some)! ⚡️🏺🌬🌞
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Savvy Lizard author
This is great to hear, thank you! This test was quite fun to make. :)
Sunny Swan
That was super difficult but also very entertaining. Also one of the most interesting ones I tested so far, great job with the questions and explanations, very well written and structured. What a quiz!
Savvy Lizard author
Much obliged. Thanks! :)
Agile Jaguar
It was difficult for me but very interested questions & explanation and I gain lots of knowledge about this topic for quiz.
Savvy Lizard author
That's great to hear! Thanks very much!
Quirky Squirrel
Very interesting test! I like that kind of interdisciplinary
Savvy Lizard author
Thank you very much for giving it a go! I'm glad you liked it. :)
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