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In this test you'll need to answer 30 questions about geography.
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1) Too many missing explanations. More than 10 explanations simply repeat the correct answer. E.g #q1, #q2, #q4, etc.
2) Major language issues. Too many mistakes in questions, answers and explanations (grammar, punctuation, typos, style). E. g. "in the Africa" (in Africa), "USA" (the USA), "In which city lives the biggest amount of people in the world?" (In which city does the biggest number of people in the world live?), etc.
Rich Yak
The number of World oceans is discussing, but Wikipedia says they are 5.
Merry Wolf
1. There are not 65 countries in Europe. There are 44 countries in Europe, but if to include transcontinental (i.e. Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc.), autonomies, politically considered European countries (i.e. Armenia, Cyprus), it estimates 51 countries in Europe.

2. Most populous city in the world is Tokyo, not Shanghai.

3.The largest country in the Eastern Europe is Russia. Even half of Russia (as written in your explanation) is much bigger than Ukraine. Russia reaching to the Ural Mountains is considered as Europe.

4. The largest city in the world is New York (8,683 square km), not Beijing.
However, even if the measurement based on three properties (city proper, metropolitan area, urban area), there other cities which are larger in the area than both Beijing and New York.
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