General Science Test (Maths, Physics & Chemistry)
In this Test, there are three(3) different sections with 10 multiple choice questions for each section. The 3 sections comprises of Math, Physics and Chemistry courses respectively. Participants are required to attempt all 30 questions in the 3 sections all together. Good Luck 🏳
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Holy Duck judge
Thank you for taking the effort to submit your test for the contest.
Unfortunately, this test will not be able to receive a prize:

Not an original test. More than 10 questions and explanations were copied from an existing test. E.g.: "Express 7/19 as a percentage correct to 1 decimal place." <=, "Find the average of the first four(4) prime numbers greater than 20." <=
Lucky Dolphin author
Thanks for Your observations, but with all due respect Judge the questions you found to be copied, i actually used them as a guide to set my own questions, furthermore I changed most of the questions to my own specific understanding, also the explanations I gave were strictly based on my own personal effort, meaning I gave the explanations in my own personal words to make them more explanatory and easy to understand to the participants taking my test, if You must know all the effort I put in to make a solid and well explanatory test was time consuming.
I would really appreciate it if You could give my test a reconsideration, quite a lot of people found it engaging and helpful. Thanks.
Lucky Dolphin author
I am really hoping to hear from You, Judge..
Holy Duck judge
Lucky Dolphin Upon further review, the last verdict was incorrect. This Quiz is no longer disqualified. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Lucky Dolphin author
Holy Duck Thank You, am really grateful.
Bossy Puffin judge
This test may have a higher chance of receiving a reward. Nominated for:

Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct . E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc.
Lucky Dolphin author
Am really pleased with Your review, this means a lot to me, thank You 😃
I find these quiz refreshing, took my memory back to general science, even though I couldn't remember all, great JOB.
Emmanuel Olorunfemi
Wow scoring 47% shows that I have forgotten 53% of my general sciences in just a short while. This is really and eye opener. A great work done @ Organizers. It is time to go back to the drawing table.
Abdulquddus Abubakar
I guess the magic still works😂
This is really nice...
Aubrey Hope Ponsaran Hibao-an 3-1
Whoa!! that was hard but definitely fun! This quiz is such a refresher! The solutions provided were correct and helpful for future exams that I will take! Great Job making this educational and fun quiz! :)
Wow 57% is good but fair for me, I still need to do more. I like this quiz its fun and refreshing..
This is amazing and refreshing..
Lucky Dolphin author
Thanks All for participating in my Test, am glad You found it refreshing and am sure You all saw the explanations/cotrections to the question(s) You got wrong.
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