Islam history and Sira
30 easy questions about Islam history and Sira
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Askar Shyngyskhanuly
Thanks for job. It's not bad. Easy and quick test.
Brave Gull author
Thanks for comment!
Ace Ladybird
Lower than average. Let me explain your mistakes. 1. Years and years and again years. When you make Islamic quizzes please avoid using them. As we have two calendars Gregorian and Hijri, there has to be errors. You can not point out exact year. For example, year he s.a.w was born. 2. His sons. Scholars debate about the number of his sons. Maybe he had 2 or 3. Qosim, Toyib and Tohir. 3 names but 2nd son might have had 2 names. Toyib and Tohir. 3. Zayd ibn Harith can be considered as his family member as he was adopted maybe not because they can't inherit. 4. Terrible mistake about super narrator. It was Abu Hurayra. He narrated the most hadiths then Abdullah ibn Umar. No offence mate. You tried hard and overall not bad.
Brave Gull author
Thanks for the comment. I confess about super narrator Abu Huraira, it was wrong. When I did this test, I knew that it was Abu Huraira. Then I searched for information and found out about Abdullah ibn Omar that he was the narrator himself. Unfortunately, my uncertainty played a role. But there are people who think so I can give a proof. 
Zayed bin Haris, he is in any case the adopted son of the Prophet Allah. I did not say that he is not a member of the family. 
About son Kashim. There is much evidence that he was the first son of the Prophet Allah. 
About hijras and Gregorian years. I thought the participants should know about this. It is not difficult.
I like this test. Quickly and easy an comfortable
Brave Gull author
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