Around the world; largest, highest, longest, biggest and the most.
This test is based on the most essential geography facts which can be fun for both school kids and adults!
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Kõpchilik Savollar xato tuzilgan, e'tiroz bildiraman
Kooky Meerkat author
Aynan qaysi savollar xato deyapsiz, bularni barchasi faktlarga va ohirgi ma’lumotlarga asoslangan, balkim savollarga be’etibor bo’lgandirisiz!
Merry Toad
Thanks for questions. There are some misleading moments in the test:
- 23-question, are you talking about "equator" or "Equador"? Question uses Equador while in the answers I see equator - so it should be checked definitely;
- 29-question, there is mistake in the name of "Southern ocean", you wrote "Souther".

Stylistically the name of the test also contains minor bug: you wrote: "Around the world; largest, highest, longest, biggest and the most". Would be preferably to use ":" instead of ";" after "world" - look on it once again.
Kooky Meerkat author
Thank you for your comment, I definitely should have paid more attention to my spellings an punctuation marks!
Hip Goose
Good quiz and good use of images.
Kooky Meerkat author
Thank you! 🙏
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