این آزمون به شکل اصیل (اوریجینال) توسط @HMirzababaei طراحی شده است و نحوه طرح سؤالات خلاقانه آن، اهداف آموزشی عمیقی را در ارتباط با آزمون پی‌تی‌ای دنبال می‌کند. اطلاعات دقیقی از جزئیات ابعاد آن در کانال مگزین با هشتگ #PTEWrestle در انواع قالب‌های متنی، صوتی، تصویری و ویدئویی قابل دسترسی است و توقع می‌رود قبل از آزمون بررسی و مرور و مطالعه شده باشند. همچنین پاسخنامه تشریحی آزمون به همراه لینک پایدار خود آزمون همواره در @PTEMagazine در دسترس است. امیدوارم از هیجان آزمون لذت ببرید و دنبال کردن سؤالات و پاسخ‌ها، نکات آموزنده مفیدی برای شما داشته باشد و اگر آن را مفید یافتید، حتماً با دوستان خود به اشتراک بگذارید تا به آن‌ها هم نشاط و آگاهی را هم‌زمان هدیه کرده باشید.🎩🍀
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Tactful Monkey author
Thank you for your positive feedback; it is a privilege.
Tactful Monkey author
Dear Judge(s);
I spent more than 7 hours to write this article, and invite you to spend less the 7 minutes of your valuable time to read it accurately. It is a discussion about both the evaluation process and my specific appeals against my comment and score simultaneously:

Looking forward to your positive feedback, and thank you in advance.
Tactful Monkey author
Despite of my request (let say beg), I did not received any feedback from your side, except that unacceptable contest’s results. 

My quiz is 100% in accordance with the final criteria released by Telegram, and must be nominated for approximately all criteria.

I explained why? and how? in my above Telegraph post, including documents, refferences, evidence, and records’ links.

Unfortunately, it seems my appeal is ignored, since the above article shows vividly the extraordinary qualities of my quiz, which won unfairly not better that 4 stars. 

Absolutely disappointing!
Quick Python
Those were good questions. The questions attached to the audio file cannot be answered. I think this bot can not play audio files, and the design of the question based on that was wrong.
Tactful Monkey author
First of all, I appreciate your kind attention and insightful comment. There are subtle points, which seems to clarify the ambiguity getting them across:

The quiz designed by the official @QuizBot, and logically when it accepts to develop this type of question, means it can support it to run and play.

A considerable number of people took my test, and none of them have reported problems regarding audio files.

There are numerous designed quizzes with audio questions, which are the other evidence to confirm these types of questions are valid and work genuinely.

The mentioned facts show the problem is somewhere else other than my quiz or generally other exams contain these types of audio-questions.

I can guess, your specific challenge for dealing with them is your version of Telegram, and suggest you double-check your version of the update to be final.

I hope it would be helpful and ready to discuss more if need be.
Quick Python
Thanks for your reply! Good luck.
Tactful Monkey author
Thank you for your time spending.
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