Ultimate General Knowledge Elementary Quiz
Lets recall general knowledge questions from the school. Do you wanna try? Here you can find the question to connected with general knowledge. While giving the answers to this quiz you can recall the answers connected with colours 🌈 animals 🐳 earth 🌎 rivers 💦 history 🤓 and many other interesting topics. Try your luck with this quiz and find out what do you know from the school course.
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Subtle Hamster
Nice and fun general knowledge test! Just a few corrections.
1. Quiz description has some grammar and spelling mistakes. It should be 'let's' instead of 'lets'/ 'questions connected to...' instead of 'the question to connected'. 2. The comments to the questions should give explanations for learning purposes. In your case, they often repeat the question, like in #8. Your comment is "Can you guess the answer? Name all the main colors please'' – it gives no explanation. The same thing repeats in many other questions. 3. In question 17 'you' is misspelled. 4. In question 23 you give the prompt on your photo – Japan is too recognizable. The same thing was with the question about the continent which has most countries – you prompted with a map that has Africa with dozens of countries. Thank you!
Fit Dolphin author
thanks for the comment
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