The most famous paintings of all times
This is a quiz about the painters of the best paintings in the world. All of them are unique, have a unique theme, history or painting style that makes it to standout in this crowded field. As Pablo Picasso once said: "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls".
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Fair Griffin
the question about Arnolfini Portrait have 2 correct answers!
and the time to answer is short!
Stone Squid
Well done!
Here are a few typos I found in your quiz though:
- The question about Olympia's author has an option "Eembrandt". I'm sure you meant "Rembrandt" :D
- As Fair Griffin has already mentioned, the question about Arnolfini Portrait duplicates the correct answer, which may lower the score even if the correct one has been chosen :/
- (in the options) "Édouard manet". The great artist's surname should start with a capital letter only!

Another issue is that some of the explanations lack the correct answer. Although the correct option turns green and the wrong one turns red once a person answers, it'd be better to include the correct option in the pop-up explanation and highlight it using the bold type or italics, for example.

Good luck with the contest!
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