Test your English! ( Upper-intermediate, Advanced) NB! Many idioms!».
Необычный тест на знание английского языка позволит Вам добавить интересную лексику в Ваш словарный запас. Желаю успехов!
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Wise Squid judge
Thank you for taking the effort to submit your test for the contest.
Unfortunately, this test will not be able to receive a prize:
Not an original test. Questions, answers, explanations were copied from an existing test. E.g.
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Caring Kiwi author
Oh, how very nice! Of course these information was taken from the different sources. By leaving your comment you were thinking that I am the person who should have invented his own idioms for British ? Wow, really? Do you understand that idioms are supposed to have the same meaning/explanation in any source-book/online source? How you dare to claim that this test is not original? Did you find the same test with the same questions anywhere online? No!
So following your logic if somebody made a question like this: "Who won UEFA Champions League 2003/2004 ?" you will disqualify person because you can find thi information online, and it is not created it person's head???
I want to appeal your evaluation, please provide me the tips how to do it! Thnk you
Tall Panda judge
Caring Kiwi This Quiz was fully re-assessed by an independent Judge.

The original verdict was incorrect. Your Quiz is no longer disqualified. However, we cannot guarantee that it will receive a prize.
Sleek Giraffe
I didn't like it just because there was so many question in Russian language although was a English test.
Caring Kiwi author
Hi, thx for feedback! Sorry for possible inconvenience, the test initially targeted at Russian speakers.
Funky Wasp
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