Medical knowledge test
So basically it a pathology test involving various systems related to pathology
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Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct . E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc
Keen Eagle author
Thank you . I tried my best .
Sleek Cat
There is no enough time to answer the question ,because of the advanced feature of the quizz ,long questions and this type of questions need enough time to remember and thinking about the choice.
Keen Eagle author
Will keep that in mind. Thanks
Strict Camel
In question 1 the word "Erythema" is correct.
In q 11 & 18 when you choose shuffle the answers, then nobody can realize what the answer " both a& b" is
Totally was a good quiz.
Keen Eagle author
Thanks for the feedback.
Fancy Piranha
Good but time is really not enough
Keen Eagle author
I kept it 30 sec to make it more challenging.The faster you could read and process the information , more efficient you'll become in real life situation
Eager Dodo
This is a nice quiz and it is so challenging. But there is no enough time to read and answer some long questions
Keen Eagle author
As a medical student , time is very important. So i kept it 30 sec to make it more challenging.
I really like it, but what is it based on? (real exam?) Or it is just a group of Qs to test yourself.
Keen Eagle author
It's based on exam pattern.
Dr King
Good quiz
Keen Eagle author
Thanks . Glad you liked it
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