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🎲 Quiz 'Calculus Quiz' Hi There Guys. This Quiz Contain 30 Questions. All Varying From Easy To Hard. You Can Make Use Of This Quiz To Improve Your Calculus Skills And To Improve Your Scores In Exams Like JEE , SAT etc.. All The Best😊 🖊 30 questions · 3 min
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Step-by-step approach to teaching. 👍 E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc
As far as I understand, "step-by-step approach to teaching" means that questions are ORDERED in such a way that learning will be as good as possible. But shuffle questions mode in this test is on. How is it possible that this quiz nominated for "step-by-step approach to teaching"? What do you think, Smart Tiger?
Tidy Skunk
I do have to say that these questions were extremely hard and not really befitting the category.
Chic Cobra author
So I've specifically wrote that JEE Level. Being a student myself these questions come under advanced category from where I come from. And again there are alot of property based questions which can be solved easily.
Tidy Skunk
Chic Cobra Okay. :)
Maybe where I come from we're dumb students or so, but I am not used to do such complex integration.
But if you think the category correspondents to the level at your place it's fine. :)
Chic Cobra author
Tidy Skunk I am not calling you dumb or telling that Indians are super genius. But our exams especially JEE is super tough , so I had to keep up with it. If you can please have a look at this Question Paper :

The 2019 JEE Advanced question paper 1&2 can be found in the page.
Tidy Skunk
Chic Cobra Oh, I didn't want to make it look like I had taken any offense. It's okay, I now understand your reasons for choosing this very category. :)
Chic Cobra author
Tidy Skunk Cool...☺️. All the best for your quiz...
Tidy Skunk
∫ [x/1+x⁴]dx is ?
Not (1/2)tan^-1 x^2+c!

x/1 can be written as: x
now ∫ [x+x⁴]dx
is x^5/5+x^2/2 + C
as you can check for example on this website:
Chic Cobra author
Nope it meant ,( x/(1+x⁴)) , It's pretty much self explanatory. From the options too one can grab that.
Chic Cobra author
Chic Cobra Provided LHS & RHS a student (not a competitor) will be easily able to understand the explanation.
Tidy Skunk
Chic Cobra Again - PEMDAS. I only realised it later. ':D
Same as below.
Chic Cobra author
Tidy Skunk Dude..With 3 minutes and the options a student has more than enough time to understand the question without the brackets. Integrating (x+x⁴)dx takes less than a second. So 🤷🏾‍♂️
Tidy Skunk
Chic Cobra I don't want to discuss further on. In my opinion - even if I can guess what you meant from the context - this is not mathematically correct. I only wanted to point that out.
Because I was trained to consider the precedence of the operators very accurately.
Chic Cobra author
But In India this level is considered as Advanced. Also nearly 15 of these questions can be solved under 3 minutes as they deals with properties.
Tidy Skunk
A similar thing goes for
₀∫¹ [1-x/1+x]dx
The function you are integrating on is
1- x/1 +x minding PEMDAS or however you call the order of operations (, because / would go before - or +
This simplifies to:
1-x+x = 1
Now the solution would be 1 as well.

You disregarded the order of operations in the explanation again:

₀∫¹[2-(1+x)/1+x]dx = [2log|1+x|-x]₀ ₜₒ ₁

What you mean would be that:
But I don't think it's my job to figure out which order of operations you meant, because there's only ONE.
Chic Cobra author
Typing this mix of mathematical symbols isn't as easy as just copying and pasting like you did ☺️
Chic Cobra author
Firstly it's nearly impossible to type in Latex and Superscript/Subscript in Quizbot. The explanation also have to be under a certain word limit. Using a lot of brackets definitely ruins the structure of the explanation and makes it hard to be under the word limit. I believe that for a student (not a fellow competitor) undertaking an advanced quiz the explanation is pretty much self explanatory. Anyway mathematics is there for to get solved not to just read.
Tidy Skunk
It certainly is possible to express everything in a mathematical correct way.
You could have used images from rendered LaTex.
Or you could have used brackets.
I neither want to be nitpicking nor starting a debate on principles. But in my opinion mathematics is also about writing things down in an unambiguous way.
So let me indicate: This is not 100% correct from a mathematical point of view.
Chic Cobra author
Tidy Skunk LaTex is an entirely different language and I don't know that. The ones with Images are made using an open-source license free LaTex editor based on AI where drawings will be converted into equations. But after making the first 5 questions I came to realise that it does a very bad job while inserting limits as it always enlarges the lower limit. Hence I was unable to use it for many of the questions with limits. It took nearly 30 hours to make this quiz and even though you said you don't want to discuss furthermore , I had to clarify this for the judges.
Noble Gull
Great set of questions 👏, helped me recollect some concepts again!
Chic Cobra author
Thanks ☺️
Arun Chand
This quiz pretty good, i must say.. someone who have good taste in mathematics will feel refreshed after doing this.. good work done by the creator.. and thank you for giving me a boost back in my maths knowledge..
Chic Cobra author
Thanks ☺️
1. Answer to question 26 is not right as 1+x-x=1.
2. The questions seem to be too difficult for an average student.
3. The guides to answers are not explanatory.
Chic Cobra author
Mistakes will be edited ☺️
The quiz was set on Advanced level and the Tags included JEE Advanced , one of worlds toughest technical exams to crack for a higher secondary student.
Telegrams explantion has a word limit and it doesn't allow latex so every mathematical symbol was added in with great effort also every effort was took to encapsulate the solutions within the word limit. Next time I will use for providing the solutions.
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