Mathematics For Primary School
This paper consists of 30 questions. Answer all questions. Every question is followed by four alternative answers A, B, C and D. For each question, choose one answer only. Goodluck.
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Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are wrong (when appropriate). E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc
Dark Squirrel author
Thank you for the support of the jury. I'm very grateful.
Groovy Sheep
Question 4:
8,460÷6x9= and given answer is C which is 12,960.
Actually, the correct amount is 12,690.

I believe this is a typing error.

Thank you.
Dark Squirrel author
Question 4:
Yes, this is a typing error. I as the creator of this quiz, want to apologize regarding this issue.

The correct answer for question 4: 8,460÷6x9= 12 690.
Dark Squirrel author
Sir, how to edit the answer for this question?
RO $A $
Soalan yang merangkumi tahap kesukaran tinggi, sederhana dan rendah. Tahniah!
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Alhamdulillah dan terima kasih di atas sokongan. Acu suruh anak murid jawab. Betul atau salah tidak menjadi masalah. Salam Aidil Fitri. Stay at home dan Kita Jaga Kita.
RO $A $
Dh forward pd grup klas👍👍👍
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Alhamdulillah dan terima kasih cikgu RO$A$.
Sikit sangat lah masa.Tak sempat nak jawab
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Terlebih dahulu jutaan terima kasih dirakamkan. Mengenai masa, ianya telah diperuntukkan. Mohon maaf anak. In Shaa Allah lain kali masa dipanjangkan. Amin.
Eager Clam
Question 1: Grammatical errors are present (3 November should be 3rd of November). Question 7 does not have a correct answer.
Dark Squirrel author
Thanks for the constructive comments.
The questions cover many level of difficulties. I rate the questions as 5 star Congratulations.
Dark Squirrel author
Mr. Afif, thank you for your support.
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