🇨🇳 Китай: культура и история
Серьезные и весёлые вопросы про Китай. И ничего - про COVID-19!
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Fair Mammoth judge
Thank you for taking the effort to submit your test for the contest.
Unfortunately, this test will not be able to receive a prize:

Not an original test. Questions, answers, explanations were copied from an existing test. E.g.: "Кто первым открыл Китай для европейцев?", "Государственный строй Китая:", "Какой из перечисленных предметов был изобретен в Китае?" <= https://kupidonia.ru/viktoriny/viktorina-o-kitae, etc.
Nimble Fly author
The assumption of copying questions from somewhere is incorrect. I strongly insist that all questions, options and explanations are my own. I do see the similarity of several questions and options, though. It may be a subject of investigation into the sources of the quiz you pointed to. It may turn out that its author borrowed these from the material I used several years ago with my students.
Nimble Fly author
And could you point an explanation that is similar to that source? There's none, because, unlike part of the questions, they were all new, specially created for the context, so none were copied to that source.
Tall Panda judge
Nimble Fly This Quiz was fully re-assessed by an independent Judge.

The original verdict was confirmed to be correct.

In addition to the above issues:
Not an original test. Questions and answers were copied from an existing test. E.g.:
#q13: "В каком году был утвержден национальный флаг Китая?" <= https://kupidonia.ru/viktoriny/viktorina-o-kitae,
#q14: "В каком году в Пекине прошли Олимпийские игры?" <= https://kupidonia.ru/viktoriny/viktorina-o-kitae.

P.S.: Yes, the explanations are original, but the question and answers were copied.
Fair Dolphin
Очень интересный тест, требует сильной подготовки. Нехватало вопросов с картинками. Тест будет полезным для студентов туристических вузов и факультетов.
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