👋 Welcome to the 🦠 COVID-19 🦠test. Here you will test your knowledge and learn about the 👩‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️WHO and other agencies' recommendations on how to stay safe during the pandemic. ‼️ PLEASE FOLLOW NATIONAL ADVICE DURING THE PANDEMIC, the information on this quiz does not replace that given by the authorities in your country ‼️ NOTE: the information in this quiz has been gathered from official sources, but the author has no responsibility on the accuracy of it.
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Groovy Sheep
The quiz is good!! But certain questions have too many choices of answer. For me, it is confusing and time consuming. Try make it easier and comfortable. Even the school exam commonly offer 4 choices of answer. Tq
Tidy Camel author
Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I know this quiz might have too many answers in some questions, but what I intended with those questions was to make you think wether the information given was correct or not. In the end, learning is not just about theoretical knowledge but the critical thinking acquired for future situations. I will take into account your advice for future quizzes, but unfortunately the contest quizzes can't be edited now.

Stay safe!
Caring Clam
I disagree with one of the questions, it better to seek for medical assistance if one have symptom.

If you have the symptom seek medical advice...
Is better...

The others question is ok
Tidy Camel author
Hi, Thanks for taking the quiz, I really appreciate your feedback! As you may have already read on the question message, it is recommended to avoid using the health services during the pandemic unless strictly necessary. That is so that hospitals can attend all patients and the emergency rooms have space and resources available for patients who are critical. Take into account that in some cultures and countries, people usually go to the emergency room for minor injuries/symptoms, and even though this could end up in a more complex diagnosis, most of the times, it doesn't. That's why authorities recommend to avoid going to the hospitals or medical clinics unless symptoms are severe or if the patient has multiple symptoms at the same time. Also, some of the symptoms may be similar to those of seasonal allergies, and it wouldn't be a good idea to have COVID positive people and people with respiratory issues due to an allergy together in the same room. Of course, the quiz just pretends to make people use common sense and encourage them to look for further information and assistance, it is not intended to be used as a final decision but to share the knowledge published by the local authorities and the WHO.
Mad Bull
Great quiz, however WHO has recommended that everyone wears a mask to prevent person to person infection .
Tidy Camel author
Hi, yes, unfortunately that advice was made after the quiz was published and unfortunately now it is not possible to modify it.

Stay safe!
Eager Clam
The option "who knows?" Should be avoided. The explanation for the first question has a spelling error.
Tidy Camel author
Hi! Thanks for taking the quiz! The answer "Who knows?" for the question "Is COVID seasonal like the flu?" is meant to be "There is no relevant data up to date that states this is either true or not" but "Who knows?" was shorter, easier to understand and added a bit of "fun" to the quiz from my point of view, but now I see I am wrong, so thanks for your feedback. Also, could you please share the typo on the first question? Thanks and take care! 😊
Eager Clam
Tidy Camel The word "recommended" was spelt with double c in the explanation.
Tidy Camel author
Eager Clam  Oops, my bad 🤦‍♂️Unfortunately I can't edit the quiz now, but thanks for letting me know! 😁
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