Mind of Logic
A creative visual quiz that challenge your logical thinking 🤔 🧠🦄 Made by: juliebjørnskov.dk
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Giant Kitten
Great Quiz!! I am disappointed I didn't find this quiz till now. Splendid work and Congratulations on the win, you deserve it.
Dreamy Meerkat author
Thank you so much! The most important is that you found it. Thanks for trying it out
Tall Ant
Really amazing and challenging quiz,
I think it's so difficult for men to do, because they have difficulity to distinguish diffrent colors.
good luck.
Dreamy Meerkat author
Thank you! Haha, could be!
Ketek Glowing Nayeon
Oh wow, this quiz is hard. It's like I'm taking psychological test, lmao. And I took the quiz on PC, so the image is quite small and far, ahahaha.. luckily the time for each question is long enough to think. Good job for the quiz... Thumbs up.. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Dreamy Meerkat author
Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the challenge!
Mashal Mohammed
Poli saanam
Fit Crow
Congratulations for your original test.
Dreamy Meerkat author
Thank you!
Sharp Tapir
Really creative and logic quiz 😉😎
Dreamy Meerkat author
Thank you, hope you liked it!
Agile Hare
Just tried the quiz so I could reach out n ask some questions
Dreamy Meerkat author
Feel free to ask
Some quiz are very difficult. Compliments
Dreamy Meerkat author
Difficulty is what makes it fun ;)
Agile Hare
Crazy creative
How did you come about this ?
What did you use to design it
Would like to receive out of your reward tooo!.

Dreamy Meerkat author
Thanks a lot!
I'm on maternity leave and missed using my brain 🙈
It is drawn in the app ProCreate on iPad Pro.
I did it using a desktop browser, and i erred several questions simply because i literally did not see details in the images.
Couldn't do the whole thing, got bored
Md Intajul Hossen
Good Gems
In The piano quiz :- I could not understand the logic behind 4th image (1st in 2nd line )

Where is the violet color key ! Only red is there!
I think the colors of the eyebrows make the solution to question 19 not perfectly symmetric. Otherwise awesome Quiz, had a great time solving it. Keep up your work :-)
oni micheal
Thank you
Korokoro korochan
gua pusing
Aashi Khalid
Thank you!
Ali Amirzadeh
i made itbwith hard back ache
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