How similar your teeth are to dinosaur's?
To find that, please watch the video and answer the following 30 questions
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So I think that this quiz should be disqualified. What do you think, Giant Elk?
Hamid Jami
C D I don't think so. I suppose you didn't check the video.You should read my explenation for keen Swan.
Hamid Jami
Thank you Giant Elk. Our goal is to make main biology concepts more tangible for children and teenagers.
Holy Duck judge
Thank you for taking the effort to submit your Quiz for the contest.
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Missing explanations. More than 10 explanations simply repeat
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#q12, #q13, #q14, etc.
Keen Swan
Good quiz only some questions were too easy where answer was both b&c
Dandy Kiwi author
Hello. Thank you for your attention and comment. We tried to write different levels of question for types of ages and knowledge.
Hamid Jami
Hi! I agree with you and thank you for your comment. I should add that the main perpose of this quiz is to familiar teenages with evolution. So we consider it relatively easy.
Hello. it,was a good test, Thank you.
Dandy Kiwi author
Thank you
It was really good i like it thank you
Hi, it was good test, i like it, thank you
Salma Ahmadi
That was so amasing! esp for students.
It is a intersting & good quiz. Thanks for laerning vidio. That is increas my information about history teeth.realy i enjoy it.
ممنون عالی بود
منتظران ظهور
Hi, it was Great, It was a good test, thank you.
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