Infinite forms most beautiful: basics of evolution
The Theory of evolution exploded in the scientific and human fields alike in the '800 and while it's a main fundamental topic in biology, but also in psychology and how we perceive the world, it is often misrepresented and misunderstood. We are going to explore the basic concepts of evolution, and the mechanisms that lead to the formation of "infinite forms most beautiful"!
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Hip Cat
An Amazing quiz!!..The pictures, explanations and others.. Magnificent...
However,I found myself scratching my head with some statements. You stated that White wolves will REMAIN White until 'mutation' or interspecies mating occurs. I found this statement to be quite false as a white wolf can become grey or even darker due to its environment. Camouflage is a characteristics that is predominantly found in wolves.. Some wolves are said to even change their fur colours together with the seasons, so you could see a wolf change its fur colours as musch as four or five times in a year.
Anothe issue for me was your statement that there were no human races.This is a matter still in contention. The term 'race' has been used by many bioligists to signify a geographical population belonging to a single species. It is closely related to another term 'subspecies'
Overall, your quiz was Beautiful ..kudos
Agile Cow author
Thank you! Could you provide a source for the white wolf, white since many generation (ie, homozygous for the trait), changing color due to environment?
Regarding the human race thing, "race" is not a term with any recognized taxonomical value, you can check it at the ICZN (International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature):
Hip Cat
I'm very sorry about my first argument.. I confused wolves with artic foxes.. Unlike wolves foxes experience a change in fur colours seasonally..

However, on the issue of 'race', I stand by my previous comment.. I clearly stated, 'This is a matter still in contention'.. Some scientists support the assertion of race while others object to it.
Although, I'll concede that the issue of race is more prominent in sociology than in biology.. You can check these out :
Agile Cow author
Hi. The authority in the zoological taxonomy since the 19th century is the ICZN, as I said. Whether there is a controversy is not really relevant, at the moment 'race' is not a valid taxonomic group and should not be considered as a scientific term. It is still in use in some fields, but is not recognized as valid. I try to only put in the quiz the 'official' scientific truths with a huge consensus behind.
You can refer to the nomenclature code:
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