DataViz quiz (COVID-19 Edition)
Test your Data Visualization literacy with the following sketches based on published real charts. Some of them are correct, and some are not... The aim is to have fun and learn at the same time! We will not test your knowledge about the data itself, only the knowledge about how to represent it. Let's start with some simple warm-up questions and then we'll analyze together some charts. You'll have 1min to answer each question. Average time to complete the whole test is 7min.
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Sacred Gull author
Dandy Swan
unusual. i liked it. but there are many subjectively asked questions
Sacred Gull author
Thanks for the comment! Would you mind saying which question seemed subjective to you? It was designed to be as objective as possible.
Mad Bull
Interesting, perspective. Good job
Sacred Gull author
Tidy Skunk
You did a very great job there. :D
I disagree with you on #q18 and #19 though.
Regarding the symptoms that tell us that it is incorrect, choose the correct option:
Question 18 showed a pie chart about the "biggest concerns regarding the virus".
You could argue in different ways here, but the first thing in my mind was:
The "task" was to order the things that could happen by order of "magnitude" (what would be worst for you) or "which is the worst thing that could happen?" because that's what the title's also saying.
Then the numbers would have had to add up to 100%.

The categories are not exclusive

The percentages sum more than 100

All the options are correct
Someone said on twitter: "People are 178% worried"
Sacred Gull author
Thanks for your comment! I agree that the graph doesn't give much information about the question that was asked. But, in my opinion, the most likely situation is that the percentages are ok (not computed wrongly) but they chose to represent them the wrong way. There were many questions about worries, then people answered yes/no and then they kept the top 3 with more positive answers.
Tidy Skunk
Sacred Gull That's plausible as well, yeah. :D
Thanks for clarifying!
I think we could say the diagram is just hopelessly screwed up. ;-P
Sacred Gull author
Tidy Skunk 100% agree :P
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