Introduction To Programming Test
The following test will cover all aspects of programming: 1. variables 2. Data types 3. Keywords It will cover all aspects of all programming languages If you have any query, @VictorOmondi1997 is here to help
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Holy Duck judge
Thank you for taking the effort to submit your test for the contest.
Unfortunately, this test will not be able to receive a prize:

Missing explanations. More than 10 explanations simply repeat the correct answers. E.g:#q4, #q5, q6, #q7, #q8, #q9, #q10, #q11, #q29, #q30, etc.
Modest Llama author
Hello, thank you for your review. Unfortunately, this was about programming and explanation would require a lot of words. given time I'll work on the explanations, as others have found it useful I'll work on them.
Tall Panda judge
Modest Llama This Quiz was fully re-assessed by an independent Judge.

The original verdict was confirmed to be correct.
Calm Quokka
This quiz is good but has some minor issues :

Improper sentence in explanation :
In question : List of instructions we write in a programming language the computer understands is known as?
Explanation is given as : Computer Program is a list of instructions we write in a programming language the computer understands is known as
Here last three words should not be there


mispelled word in question and explanation :
In question : A set of intructions that tells the computer how to behave, what to do and derive at a solution to a particular problem is:
word "instructions" is mispelled as "intructions"


In question : What data type is used to hold a value that is either *true* or *false?
one * is missing after false

Dark Dodo
Good quiz but Question 3 and Question 21 are the same. Just take a look:

Q3. In programming, what's the most common term for a data type that stores textual content (like sentences and paragraphs)?

Q21. In programming, what's the most common term for **a data type that stores textual content** (like sentences and paragraphs?

Answer is "String" in both.
Night Lemur
I also think this quiz is good, but in addition to the other commenters issues there's also something that's incorrect:
Question 11 asks how to execute several lines of code multiple times, and defines "Iteration" as the correct and "Recursion" as a wrong answer. However, it's definitely possible to execute lines of code multiple times using recursion (not just in theory, in languages like Haskell using recursion instead of iteration to repeat some instructions is heavily encouraged[1]). So I'd recommend to remove the answer "Recursion" here, otherwise there are multiple correct options but only one that is marked as correct.

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