Survival Test on Biochemistry
The world around us is a huge puzzle consisting of millions of different pieces - molecules. Currently, there are more than 60 millions of different molecules known and chemists keep discovering them. Even though there are nearly infinite number of molecules that can exist, all of them consist of the finite number of atom types that obey laws of physics. In fact, there are 118 of atoms discovered so far. Every day trillions of these atoms interact with each other forming a giant cycle of life. As part of this cycle, humans are also made of atoms and molecules. Despite their size and function, most of the molecules in human body can be called biomolecules. Biomolecules include amino acids, lipids, sugars, and many others. We may not realize it, but every action we perform is a result of the whole cascade of biochemical reactions taking place in our organism. This quiz will test your knowledge on some of the essential processes, reactions, and molecules that play vital role in biochemistry of human body.
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A unique idea for an original test. 👍
Cool Deer
Funny, hilarious moreover very informative quiz about Biochemistry 🤩. I've a small correction about "What vitamins actually are?" question. In the correct option you said that, vitamins cannot be synthesized by our own bodies but there's an exceptional case for that statement. Vitamin D is synthesized by our own body with the help of sunlight. 🙂
Fit Frog author
Thanks for the feedback! 😁 Vitamin D is weird. It can be synthesized in our body with the help of sunlight, yes. So, technically it shouldn’t be a vitamin. There are scientific disputes nowadays among the researchers, some say that it should be called a hormone instead. Nevertheless, we still keep calling it vitamin D for now.🧐
Cool Deer
Fit Frog Wow. You're up-to-date 😁. Btw, this quiz is a good piece of work. Deserve more reach.
Eager Cock
Good quiz, but i would say the silly choices you put inside every question are irritating.
Quiet Kangaroo
Fun. I like the flow
Quiet Snail
Your quiz is nice.
But a question regarding virion, I feel you are mistaken. ‘Which of the following is not a component of virion’ is the question and you gave correct option as DNA. But there are few DNA viruses which constitutes DNA as its genetic material. This creates a controversy in that question. Please rectify it. Remaining all are nice.
Hope you understand.
Thank you.
Fit Frog author
Thank you so much for your feedback! Virion question is tricky indeed, it sounds like: "which of these components may not constitute to a virion". All the options there: water, proteins, and lipids are mandatory for all viruses. However, viruses can be either DNA-based (as you rightfully mentioned) and RNA-based, and as a result neither of them is mandatory as far as one of them is present in virion. That is why question says "may not constitute", not "does not constitute". But I do get your point, I guess it is just a putative wording in that question. Thanks for your comment!
I think question number 30 has 2 correct answers: COVID does affect kittens and it’s terrible
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