Python Programming Essentials
This quiz will test your knowledge in fundamental and essential parts of Python programming, which are crucial for students and programmers 🖥
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Smart Tiger judge
1. Special note: An original idea for an original test.

2. Basic Explanations. Explanations give some additional context.

3. Minor language issues. Texts could benefit from proofreading
by a native speaker (typos) E.g. in the answer to #q23
Slim Gorilla author
Thanks for your response. We are so happy you liked our quiz.
We will make sure to have it checked by a native. :)
Dandy Otter judge
This test may have a higher chance of receiving a reward. Nominated for:

1. Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct. E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3

2. Well-used and self-made media. 👍 E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3
Slim Gorilla author
Thank you for reviewing our quiz. We appreciate your time :)
Humble Fox
This is a good one! 8 question is my fav. Although, there are some typos and IMHO feels lack of rich formatting in explanation + dictionaries actually are `insertion ordered` starting from Python 3.6+:)
Slim Gorilla author
Thank you very much for your feedback; we truly appreciate it. We will improve the quiz with your suggestions (to account for explaining the python3.6+ upgrades).
Arya Kowsary
Calm Quokka
This is a good quiz. But there is less variation in questions 28 out of 30 being "What is the output of the program?"

Also there are mispelled words :
substitute is mispelled as substitude,
situations is mispelled as sitatuions,
executed is mispelled as execured.
Slim Gorilla author
Thanks for your feedback. This test focused on essential points of Python in a straight forward way without confusing the tester by different question texts. We will correct the typos thanks to your points.
Cool Bear
I really enjoyed this quiz. A few tricks here and there, but it was really a nice challenge to participate in. I only found misspellings of certain words.
Slim Gorilla author
I'm glad that you like it :) Thanks for your feedback.
Night Lemur
I liked this quiz, it has some unconventional and interesting questions!
If you do another version of this quiz some day, I think the following two things should be fixed:
- Question 1 has the option "None of the above", which is unfortunately also true here (maybe this happened due to answer shuffling?)
- Question 25 makes it a little too easy to guess that the answer must be one of the two Exceptions, because while the print statement prints three things, all the options only have two numbers each.

Apart from those issues, well done and good luck!
Slim Gorilla author
I'm grateful for your feedback. "The lambda function question" the answer is always 15 and "none of the above" is not correct. It would be great if you can tell me how that option can be correct. Thank you again.
Night Lemur
Slim Gorilla What I meant by that is that all options "20", "10" and "5" are not correct, so "None of the above" (referring to those three) is actually true.
Here's an illustration of what I mean:
This is just a small issue though, because I think participants will understand that 15 is what they're supposed to pick.
Slim Gorilla author
Night Lemur Oh, I see! That happened because of the answer shuffling. Thanks for the illustration. I appreciate your time :)
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