35 English Grammar tests (Beginner)
These tests are for English beginners who have recently started learning the language. You can also use these tests to check the learner's basic understanding of Grammar and Numbers 1-20.
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Smart Tiger judge
1. Basic Explanations. Explanations expand the correct answer.
Holy Duck judge
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Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are wrong (when appropriate). E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc.
Ace Ladybird
Lower than average quiz.
1. I see the owner of the quiz put much effort in the explanations. However, they are too grammarly and can be complicated for beginner level students. just imagine you are asking the meaning of "They" or "Their" but in the explanations giving words like "Third person plural" and "Possessive adjective. More simple language is needed to make it easier to grasp and keep it natural.
2. 10 questions are only for numbers. Between 1 and 20, if I am not mistaken which is nearly a third of the quiz. Not the best way to find out beginner level students knowledge. Your explanations for numbers is just out of this world. It was unnecessary.
3. Questions aren't varied. Only few topics were touched. You could expand it with some extra grammar and vocabulary questions, not just subjects, to be and pronouns. Anyway, thanks for contributing to make the world a better place. Peace.
Swift Bass author
Thank you for you comment, I really appreciate this. Everyone who has commented on my quizzes so far were just saying 'Great! Awesome!' and I was kind of disappointed 😅

Now that I see someone commenting with sensible points, I'm really glad.

I found this test too easy myself too while making it. I agree.

1. I couldn't really find a better and easier explanation than use the grammar rules and expressions. I'm not a native speaker and I'd be thankful if you suggested an easier-to-understand explanation for the word "their", for example. I could use it in the future.

2. I think numbers are not the big part of Beginner knowledge of English. As long as they know the numbers 1-20 well enough, it's ok. And as for the explanations, I couldn't really leave them open. Telegram doesn't count the tests without explanations, so I had to write something and this is the best I could do. Again, if you would suggest some other better way, I'm all ears!

3. This one I have to agree with. I was really focused on the least amount of tests which is 30, so I must have rushed. Sorry!

Once again, I appreciate your thorough investigation. Thank you)
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